Sunday, April 10, 2011

Evening Outing to the Big Five Lakes

Campsite Arrival Group Shot! As I said before the hike up and then down to the second of Big Five lakes was relatively short and not particularly difficult, but it was steep and the hike down was a bit brambly, so here we are with slightly increased heart rates, happily arrived. It was a lovely setting when we finally found the best spot to put our tents.

Next we took off on a little side hike to Big Three, Four, and Five Lakes. Our book/online info said that there weren't many good campsites further along, but that it was well worth the walk. It was a fun little hike since it was a little more off trail, which we did a lot of this trip compared to normal. It was a bit buggy though. And on a final note, part of the lack of pictures at the first of the five lakes was that I was using a new filter on my camera and there seemed to be a small spot that created a glare in a bunch of the pictures; its evident in the first two below as well unfortunately.

The final lake was truly beautiful with really fantastic rock in the mountains behind. It had a pretty awesome meadow, stream laced area leading up to it too. It was very calm, still, and quiet there too. It was getting a little dusky though, so most of the area was in shadow and with no tripod, these don't really do it justice. So just imagine it being even awesomer than these.

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AZ said...

Your photos are beautiful! I wish, though, that the title of your blog wasn't so appropriate for today--snowy day in late April?! Thanks for checking out my blog, and for weighing in. Blog comments bring such joy.