Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I'm way, way behind on actually writing this post and putting up this photo. The weather this week may indicate I've totally missed spring and now its summer...still, I'm very excited that spring and the farmer's market are finally here. The farmer's market is one of my favorite things about Madison. Not so much because I actually like walking around the square at 2 miles per hour, but because I love fresh food and cooking. The first outdoor market was several weeks ago now, but I couldn't go (do to a self-imposed dissertation vacation, which contributed to a first draft of a chapter!) I've been a few times since, but still have a pretty sparse number of pictures. The above is one though.

One of my summer projects (besides my dissertation, which of course is the main summer project!) is to eat local as much as possible. I've been listening to some Michael Pollen audiobooks at the gym and am inspired to make an effort on this front, especially since Madison has such great options. More on this as it happens.

Last weekend I made it downtown very early to pick up some Spinach to continue my Indian cooking experiments. I promise this isn't going to become a food photo blog (mountain photos will continue to dominate!), but since I know at least one occasional visitor is a fan of such things, you get one such photo :)

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