Thursday, May 28, 2009


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I spent most of my time in Oxford at the conference or preparing for the conference. We did get out a little and it was the only nice weather of the trip. So, above are pictures from around our B&B. After the long trek there, it was a lovely little lane and very nice suburban area. We had to take the bus into the city center (after the first mistaken walking!) B has way more pictures of Oxford since he had a day to explore on his own, but I'll leave those for him to post wherever he wants.

Below are pictures from the city center. It was getting later when we were down there, so it was good lighting for the photos, but bad for focusing.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009





B and I are back from England! It was a great trip, but I didn't get any posting done while there. Of course we took approximately 1000 pictures between the two of us, so I will begin the picture posting now.

Here is the beginning of our trip. We flew in (after a super fast trip to Missouri and speedy speedy driving to STL concluded by a long flight). Then we took a bus to Oxford--on which there was an amusing interaction between the bus driver and a couple who I believe were Scandinavian. The man started to ask the bus driver how many people lived in the town of Oxford. The driver interrupted, "its a city." The man seemed confused by the semantic difference and repeated the question. The bus driver indignantly replied. "I don't know, but its a city. We have a Cathedral. We're a city."--After arriving, we took a very long walk through the unknown to eventually find our B&B. Along the way, we stopped at another hotel with a little restaurant for directions and took a break (It was a longer walk with all our stuff than expected). Here is B, taking said break. When we got to our B&B finally though, it was very nice and the brought us tea and cake!! How adorable!
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Kitty!!


B got a new kitty!! He is very cute and quite friendly, despite the unfortunate name choice of Cheese. I guess the good thing for Cheese is that as a cat, he doesn't know enough to be embarrassed by it.
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