Thursday, April 29, 2010

Moose!! (Isle Royal, Summer 2007)

I couldn't resist posting now anyway (see previous post). Before this particular moose headed into the water, he/she was standing on the trail like 10 feet from us! Seriously! And then there were a couple in the water, much further away. Of course we were coming back from getting water or something when we first ran into the moose, so no camera. (Plus, 10 feet from even a medium sized lizard makes one think, great, lizard, let me get closer with the camera. 10 feet from a giant moose is more of a wow, moose, I'll just stand here sort of feeling). Still, it was pretty exciting on the wildlife experience scale, especially given my usual lack of luck with these things.

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Day One: The Beach!

The first day on the beach! The photo taking was not awesome, but the water was great and it was the only day when I enjoyed myself sans sunburn. I left red like a lobster despite not quite copious enough amounts of sunscreen. Nonetheless, it was lovely.

So the beach was basically divided into little sections for each giant hotel. Our hotel was not directly on the beach, but after much searching we found that we did have a section anyway complete with a guy giving us beach chairs if we showed him our handy wristband. We set ourselves up right behind these ladies, or more precisely we set ourselves up right behind some chairs and then these ladies returned. I'm not sure if the golddigga swimsuit is more or less appropriate on a woman who is surely pushing the age limits for gold-digging...

Beach feet! Becky points out that my strange interest in taking pictures of my feet on the beach this particular day was, well strange, but I like them anyway.


Even more than taking pictures of feet, I loved taking pictures of the lizards!! They are the perfect wildlife for photos. They dart around and will run away from you, thereby posing a photographing challenge, but on the other hand, they aren't THAT scared of you and are common enough that you don't have to stand down by a lake at dawn just trying to catch a glimpse of them from 50 feet away, which is my experience in trying to photograph/see any range of animals from a platypus in Australia to moose, caribou, bear, elk or anything really in the Canadian Rockies. (All of those efforts failed, but we did see some moose on Isle Royal. I'll post those after the Aruba pictures sometime.)


Finally the beach. Not the best photo, but still so lovely.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Did I say Puerto Rico?? I meant Aruba...obviously.


So after much booking difficulty, we ended up going to Aruba instead of Puerto Rico. Still awesome. The trip is a distant memory now, but I'm slowly working on culling through my hundreds of photos, so here they come.
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