Wednesday, August 10, 2011

From Pedal for Paws to Bike the Barns

This summer I've been trying to get as much biking in as possible, especially since my main biking partner soon leaves town for a new job. I've been recruiting some new bikers though and having fun training with them for the fall. This September, I will be combining the biking and eating local efforts and riding in Bike the Barns. The ride supports the CSA coalition and specifically helps make fresh, local food more affordable for low income folks. In honor of the upcoming event, I have a bike-themed post. If you are interested in donating, see my donation page. Its a great cause!

Above, I took my bike with me for a dog sitting visit to Chicago to keep in shape before going on our first charity ride for the summer. Below are some snapshots of that ride: Pedal for Paws!! It raised money for a nearby humane society and most importantly was the right day, location, and length. We biked a little over 65 miles in Southwestern WI. It was hilly, tiring, and very beautiful. B and his roommate very kindly met us at the end for drinks and lunch. AND I won a giant stuff dog!!! What more could a girl want? See below:

A few days later I took a trip up to Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands with my mom. We did a little riding along with many fun things (photos to come later) and saw a few biking enthusiast sculptures, etc. The first two photos were taken outside of a local bike repair shop. The final is of our bikes as we stopped for some amazing ice cream.

Again, you can donate to bike the barns on my behalf here.