Sunday, May 24, 2009





B and I are back from England! It was a great trip, but I didn't get any posting done while there. Of course we took approximately 1000 pictures between the two of us, so I will begin the picture posting now.

Here is the beginning of our trip. We flew in (after a super fast trip to Missouri and speedy speedy driving to STL concluded by a long flight). Then we took a bus to Oxford--on which there was an amusing interaction between the bus driver and a couple who I believe were Scandinavian. The man started to ask the bus driver how many people lived in the town of Oxford. The driver interrupted, "its a city." The man seemed confused by the semantic difference and repeated the question. The bus driver indignantly replied. "I don't know, but its a city. We have a Cathedral. We're a city."--After arriving, we took a very long walk through the unknown to eventually find our B&B. Along the way, we stopped at another hotel with a little restaurant for directions and took a break (It was a longer walk with all our stuff than expected). Here is B, taking said break. When we got to our B&B finally though, it was very nice and the brought us tea and cake!! How adorable!
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