Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day Three--The Hike

Day three was pretty, but uneventful. It was also the hump day of hiking, so I was feeling a little less than energized on the morning climb, leading to a relative lack of awesome photos.

Here is the first, bright-eyed photo of the day though:

After a long climb, we stopped for a tired lunch (for me anyway. Some other people may have been a bit perkier!) There was a nice creak and some water fetching.

Further along, we stopped to dip our feet in a lake. I didn't take any photos of that though, as we climbed out on a rock and I didn't want to take the camera out there. After that stop, we proceeded down the other side of our climb to the first of Big Five Lakes. It was an easy, fast hike down and a lovely lake.

We explored very briefly with a snack break there and time for a group shot.

Then we proceeded up a short climb and then down an even shorter climb off the main trail to get to the second of the Big Five where we would be camping. And of course there was a nice view along the way!

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