Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A tree...

Somehow a picture of a tree doesn't seem all that interesting, but I like it. Or maybe this isn't the best picture of this tree ever, but still. This is the oldest or biggest Burr Oak tree in Missouri... Something like that. Either way it is big and old.

In other news, I'm temporarily giving up on blogging from Flickr. When I have time, I'll be exploring more. Apparently if I change my blog layout, it will work better on the large pictures, so there is hope.

In totally unrelated news, I've been applying for jobs teaching at high school summer schools, which is a pretty serious pain. For one, I have to come up with a recreational activity to do with 20 high schoolers that lasts at least 90 minutes. Holy shit, that is a long time. I had a great plan to do one of those photography scavenger hunts, but it is too expensive. Since then, I've spent just way too much time coming up with something. My high school recreation involved a lot of time on the phone and painting my nails, which I've ruled out as options so.....
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