Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Oscars!


Its Oscar time!! Or it was. I'm a bit behind. But still, it was exciting. It was the first year in awhile where I had actually seen a lot of the nominated movies. Sadly, I lost the Oscar pool which means I owe B dinner, but oh well. I think Mickey Rourke should have won best Actor, but Sean Penn made a great speech anyway. I still need to see Doubt and the Reader.

This is Oscar, my beloved, but sadly sickly kitty. It might be in poor taste to put up pictures of my dead cat, but on the other hand, we'll consider it a kind of tribute to him. Just think of the Academy awards as being in his honor! (Plus, these are from a very old digital camera and a few scanned from film. Shows how much better they are these days anyway!)
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