Thursday, February 19, 2009




Today (or last night really) I've decided that what I need is to be more efficient. I used to be a very efficient person, which meant I could do a lot more things. Now, I seem to be extremely inefficient, which means I don't get a ton done and when I do get things done, they take way longer than necessary. I'm only extremely efficient now when I have a deadline. Soooo....from now on, work time is work time, play time play time and I'm going to be doing a lot less jumping back and forth. Only scheduled breaks and so on. I'm off to a horrible start by not going to the gym and library immediately as planned, but we are starting now! In light of this, I have some photos from the tea shop, one of my favorite places to work or simply to be. I like these photos, although they aren't just quite perfect. Some new books have arrived and my photo composition class is tonight though, so who knows, maybe I will learn things!


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