Monday, July 18, 2011

The Farmer's Market, Again

Despite my lack of recording it, I'm still endeavoring to eat local and frequent the farmer's market as much as possible this summer. My CSA is well underway, which has very much helped the eat-local effort and I've been eating lots of super healthy, tasty, in-season food. Unfortunately, I'm currently in PA doing a little summer camp teaching, so it is a few weeks of cafeteria food for me. A handy sign did tell me today that the veggies were local even in the cafeteria, so that is pretty awesome. (Also awesome/awful, in a less healthy way, the cafeteria has tons of forbidden indulgences on offer EVERY day!)

Even with the joys of all the soft serve I could desire after those local veggies, I'm still bummed to not be enjoying the summer and farmer's market, etc for a few weeks. So, here are a few more photos from before I left. I know that A) the first and third photo are a bit too similar. My other flower photos just didn't quite work and sometimes I feel self-conscious taking photos at the stands, so I'm going with them. and B) the sepia tone flowers are hardly original, but I still like them a lot. So...enjoy.

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