Friday, March 5, 2010

Going to Puerto Rico!

reef2, originally uploaded by cmlamber.

surfing, originally uploaded by cmlamber.

waterfall us, originally uploaded by cmlamber.

Becky and I are going to Puerto Rico! It is way too expensive, but going to be awesome...check us out back in our younger days in Fiji and the Aussie reef! Things I have learned about trip planning: if you find a good deal, book it; spring break=horrible time to travel; if you put two tickets on hold on American, they will cancel one and not tell you. They also have no sympathy for any resulting problems; too many options is not always a good thing. Things I have learned about myself: not a good decision maker, but then I already knew that; being meticulous about travel decisions can bite me in the ass; I am not actually that flexible. Once that slow decision is made, it is hard to change my mind. In the end, I'm feeling a little guilty that if we had been smart and booked right away we would have saved a good $100 and much stress, but still, the trip will be awesome and it is good motivation to get my chapter done!!

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