Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day 2-Cotswold Way

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Holy Crap, I'm way behind!! Its been a busy week or two, but here we are back on the Cotswold Way. Some of us were more enthused about starting the morning with a climb out of Uley and back to the trail than others (or more enthused about walking at all)....but we made it there eventually and with only minor confusion. There were some very nice views, it wasn't actually raining, and overall it was a relatively pleasant walk (above). Until...B's knee started hurting a lot, so we cut off the path and wandered into a little town for a break. It was an adorable place, with the stone fences below. Apparently the bus only runs until noon though, so we then followed some locals' directions to the next town. They insisted we should take the road rather than a different footpath, failing to mention that walking on the road was incredibly unpleasant, especially after it started to rain and given that there was only one lane for us and both directions of traffic! On the upside, there were adorable lambs and cows along the way (below).

At the next town we took a bus to our final destination (which is the only way to go, because B was already accusing me of trying to kill him...) Upon our return to Stroud, we were dismayed to find the pub/restaurant below our hotel playing bad hip hop and filled with questionable looking dudes. After an advil run, we ventured out to a place with a moderately less disagree atmosphere, but decent food and returned to watch an amusing British documentary on male gigolos, both of which left us feeling much better.

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