Thursday, January 29, 2009


Welcome to my new blog. I've decided to start one without much direction or purpose, so it may or may not survive, but so go many projects. (I actually decided to start said blog a good month and a half ago--on a snowy day--but in a possibly bad sign for the blog, it has taken me this long to make a first post. If you have better title suggestions, send them my way. On the upside though, today includes a few snow flurries and plenty on the ground so no change there.) Anyway, you will be treated to my thoughts on anything and everything. Even more importantly, I have....a new camera!! So pictures will also be coming. As soon as I figure out whether it is technically problematic to post voyeuristic style pictures of random strangers, those will be coming too...with commentary. For now though, to keep with the theme, enjoy a few pictures of a snowy evening. (These are not my best pictures, but I'm still figuring out the settings for outdoor, low light situations).

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